“Knoll Inc is a world class furniture manufacturer and the interior design standard for 75 years. Our goal is be “Modern Always”. To maintain that standard Larry Campeau, of Campeau Associates has been engaged in the annual calibration of the metal processing machines in our corporate head quarters facility for at least the last decade. Calibration evolved into machine fabrication for QA metrology and integration of linear scales and digital readouts to reduce set up time on our process equipment. All of these projects were delivered on time and within the budget placing him on the preferred list of vendors.”

Guy Godschall
Manufacturing Engineer, EG
Knoll, Inc.

“Campeau Associates has always been responsive and knowledgeable in assisting with the specification, customization and purchase of highly specialized equipment. We here at Micro Stamping Corp., are leaders in the stamping industry. Our needs includes, high speed automated presses and reeling equipment, material handling equipment, raw material payouts and straightners, servo feeds, digital readouts, etc., etc. Campeau Associates has been a valuable asset assisting in Micro Stampings growth through the years.”

Thomas Vacca
Engineering Manager
Micro Stamping Co.

“Most thanks for bringing along the right feed for our press, and the quick installation. The press was barely down and the project is up and running. I wish all my vendors would be as responsive (Campeau Associates) has always been. Your suggestion to install a centrifuge to reclaim the oil from the scrap from the presses has paid off very well. We reclaim the oil and reuse it. Again thanks for your prompt help and response whenever we call on you.”

Wilson J. Cubides
VP Engineering
Art Materials Service Inc.

“He honors old school values, like a man’s word is his contract. I have personally seen him go out of his way to help a customer, myself being one of them. He has done this several times for me, regardless of where I was working.

He knew if I called him, it was a last resort to solve a problem, and I needed an answer. I have been a machinist for almost 40 years and he knows me and my concerns. He also knows that I can do almost anything mechanical to a mill.

Like I said, he bent over backwards to help me out in many times of need. In my situation, which he was aware of, I had no time for, I will call you back next week. It was get it done now or the customer won’t be able to run tomorrow. I kind of feel like I abused him some times as I know he was working on something else.

I got to know him when he was recommended by someone else to install the retrofit on my mill. He showed up on time and stayed until the job was done. Knowing that he would not get home when he told his wife he would. He and I have worked on several projects together which did not involve machine tools.

I have known Larry for 20 years.

This should speak volumes to anyone else. His priorities are right. The customer comes first.”

Dave Laird
Laird’s Machine Works
Brandamore, Pa.