Service & Maintenance

We offer service on all lines handled by Campeau Associates. We also have support from each vendor represented and all can be completed in a timely manner. Installation and calibration on all equipment like digital readouts and cnc retrofits installed on manual machine tools.

Call us and we will visit to evaluate your situation then recommend a solution. We can be called upon to troubleshoot and repair equipment that has failed or that does not meet current production standards. If your equipment needs to be re-manufactured, rebuilt, altered or replaced we can handle this task in house or through our large distributor network. We can usually quote repairs or replacement within 24 hours on most lines of equipment.

We can train your employees on the proper operation for manual or cnc controls, digital readouts, scrap choppers or conveyors. We offer updates to certain cnc programming via on line downloads or a service call to install.

We offer maintenance plans on most equipment handled. We can teach or set up a maintenance program or schedule maintenance of our newly installed equipment or existing equipment you have in house. This saves your management team time and money and we can show the savings with each application.